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#brnenskevanoce Náměstí Svobody

Náměstí Svobody is the natural centre of Brno, which is especially true at Christmas. The dynamic, lively Svoboďák is a place to meet up, have fun, and make new friends.

This is where you can find the traditional Christmas tree as well as brand-new food and drink zones at the fountain. The Winter Bar is a popular place to meet, with its numerous types of punches and other popular winter drinks to warm you up and improve your mood.

Stylish and original Christmas gifts are sold not only in the booths but also at the December Design Days event.

From the stage, music of various genres will entertain the visitors; in addition to live concerts, you can enjoy Czech Television Advent concerts, readings for children, the Czechs Sing Carols event, as well as the traditional Saint Nicholas with his crew.

And it’s the culture and music that makes every day on náměstí Svobody so unique; during the day it completes the atmosphere, while in the evening it’s a nice backdrop for you to have fun with friends and relatives.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy performances by kids from kindergartens, schools, art schools and folklore ensembles from Brno. In the evening, make sure not to miss concerts from bands like Vanua2, Ritmo Factory, Poutníci, Inspektor Kluzó, singer-songwriter Pokáč, and even the Czech Christmas Mass the day before Christmas Eve.

After Christmas, concerts will take place in the afternoons instead. You know, Brno is a city of music, so it only makes sense, especially since it is so proud to be a UNESCO Creative City of Music.

Attention please! The booths selling refreshments will be open on Christmas Day as well. And even after it. And after New Year’s Eve. Up until January 5! Please see the complete program for Brno Christmas at

Concerts on náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square)

Evening concerts before Christmas Day
FRI 11/29 5 pm Christmas tree lighting ceremony
SAT 11/30 6 pm Early Times

20.00 Platonic

SUN 12/1 5.30 pm Czech Television Advent concerts – stream

6.30 pm Jamírek dulcimer band

8 pm Věra Špinarová tribute

MON 12/2 6 pm Pohledy

8 pm Pavel Čadek

TUE 12/3 6 pm Brno Gospel Choir

8 pm VoiC♯

WED 12/4 6 pm Funky Chicken

8 pm Slávek Janoušek a kapela

THU 12/5 5 pm Saint Nicholas Day

8 pm Monty a kapela

FRI 12/6 6 pm Evening with Hitrádio City Brno: Martin Harich

SAT 12/7 8 pm Kofe@vlna

SUN 12/8 5.30 pm Czech Television Advent concerts – stream

6.30 pm Zkusmeto

8 pm Burning band

MON 12/9 6 pm Ptakustik

8 pm Lucie Redlová

TUE 12/10 6 pm IRNIS

8 pm NoTimers

WED 11/12 6 pm Czechs Sing Carols

8 pm Joe Cocker Band Brno

THU 12/12 6 pm Puding Paní Elvisovej

8 pm Self Made

FRI 12/13 6 pm Vanua2

8 pm Kru Kru voices


8 pm Od ucha k uchu

SUN 12/15 5.30 pm Czech Television Advent concert – stream

6.30 pm Vocal Sisters and Samuel Rychtar

8 pm Jazz aus Brno

MON 12/16 6 pm Shookies

8 pm Dáša Ubrová &Diplomat

TUE 12/17 6 pm Rockové Vánoce v podání Školy zpěvu Sváti Jelínkové

8 pm Poutníci

WED 12/18 6 pm Soukromá škola populárního zpěvu

8 pm Ritmo Factory

THU 12/19 6 pm Křídla

8 pm Inspektor Kluzó

FRI 12/20 6 pm Evening with Hitrádio City Brno: Dušan Vitázek

SAT 12/21 6 pm Pokáč

8 pm Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno

SUN 12/22 6 pm Karmen Sarojanova

8 pm DIVY

MON 12/23 5 pm Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba

Afternoon concerts after Christmas

FRI 12/27 4 pm Jožka Imrich dulcimer band

SAT 12/28 4 pm Hudci z Kyjova

SUN 12/29 4 pm Gentle Elephant

MON 12/30 4 pm Bombarďáci dixieland

TUE 12/31 4 pm ???

THU 1/2 4 pm Jánoch dulcimer band

FRI 1/3 4 pm Nebeská Muzika Terchová

SAT 1/4 4 pm Free Crazy Ants

SUN 1/5 4 pm The People

Please see the complete program for Brno Christmas in the flier and at
The program is subject to change.

There’s more to find at náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square)

There’s charity, for one thing. The donation box on the square has become a beautiful Christmas tradition here in Brno, but there’s a sad story behind it. At Christmas 1919, an abandoned little girl was found in the woods near Brno. Among those who found her was journalist Rudolf Těsnohlídek, who resolved to do something to help abandoned children. He was inspired by the Danish capital of Copenhagen and in 1924 organized the first charity collection under the lit-up Christmas tree.

And since Advent is still a time when we should share with those in need, Brno Christmas offers several ways to show your good heart and help.

Every day, under the Christmas tree, you can find the traditional money box for a collection by the Czech Red Cross. Your contributions will pay for rehabilitation stays for children and seniors in need and help socially handicapped people and families.

Every Wednesday from 4 to 6 pm on náměstí Svobody, you can donate to a moneybox. In return, you can taste some good food and people from the Brno Diocesan Charity, the Dagmar Children’s Home, and the Vodicí pes (Guide Dog) Association will all be so grateful.

The booth run by the charity organizations also offers Christmas fir trees and a light brought right from Bethlehem.

More events

Czech Television Advent concerts
Traditional screening of Advent concerts to make your Sunday evenings more pleasant.

Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba
A performance by the Metropolitan Symphonic Orchestra, the Brno Philharmonic Choir, and soloists right before Christmas Day.

Saint Nicholas Day
At 5pm on Thursday, December 5, you’ll meet Čiko the Devil, and Saint Nicholas together with the Angel will take the stage. And all the children – both the nice and the naughty – will get some gifts.

Readings for children
The hosts of Hitrádio City Brno will read fairytales to children. Come listen!

Czechs Sing Carols
On Wednesday, December 11, at 6 pm with the local daily newspaper, Rovnost.

Winter Bar and new food and drink zones
Designed by Brno architects Ondřej Bělica and Martin Blažek. Enjoy your food and cheers!

December Design Days
Brno Christmas is about design as well. If you want some original and quality Christmas gifts, make sure to visit the glass modules full of Czech design between December 16 and 23.

Souvenirs and gifts
The returnable cups are popular Christmas souvenirs, and you can buy porcelain cups designed by Pavel Hayek for this year’s Brno Christmas as well. You can also choose from among other original gifts prepared by TIC BRNO, such as a collection of porcelain products with unusual depictions of the famous Brno dragon, a memory game with pictures by local artist Vendula Chalánková on Leoš Janáček motifs, or two brand-new books. The first one will take children and their parents back to 1989, when the Velvet Revolution took place, while the other comic book will take them to 15th-century Brno, when stonemason Anton Pilgram worked here.

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