Underground "Labyrint pod Zelným trhem"

You can enjoy the unique and mysterious atmosphere of the maze of medieval corridors and cellars in the "Labyrint pod Zelným trhem" (Labyrinth under Cabbage Market). Moreover, the tour does not lack the element of surprise, for example you can see a real medieval pillory. Guided tours of the Labyrinth for groups (maximum 25 persons). The entrance is in Zelný trh 21.

The Cabbage Market is one of the oldest preserved city squares of Brno. The first mention of the square dates from the early 13th century when the square was called the Upper Market. The present name dates from the 15th century. The square has always been a busy marketplace with a vivid merchandising atmosphere.
Local cellars were established under individual houses in the middle- as well as modern-ages, most dating to the baroque era. The cellars were mainly used for food keeping, beer brewing and wine maturing in barrels, as well as refuge at time of war. However, initially the cellars served as the background for the market life of the Cabbage Market, which has survived here for more than 700 years.
Originally the cellars were not interconnected. Many of them were discovered only recently through the research of the Brno underground. To become accessible to the public, the cellars needed static supports and rescue against destruction.
In 2009 the cellars underwent a major reconstruction that allowed for their modern use. In that context, all the cellars were interconnected into a single whole. Thus the unique system of historic cellars and corridors were unified under the name “Labyrinth under Cabagge Market ”.
The Labyrinth consists of two separate parts. The part designed for social and cultural life is situated in the bottom section of the square towards the Reduta Theatre. Thanks to guides in historic costumes, the touristic section of the cellars revives the town history. The route will lead you up the square towards the Small Špalíček 6-8 metres below ground level.
In the touristic part of the Labyrinth, visitors can get an idea about how the cellars were used in the period after their establishment - for example how food was kept when the cellars served as refrigerators, and how the oak grates held beer and wine barrels or foodstuffs in various vessels and bags. The cellars also show the evolution of illuminants from the first torches, to tallow or paraffin candles and petroleum lamps. The exhibition is completed with items of everyday use found in the course of the archaeological research in Vegetable Market.
The sightseeing tour also includes a visit to an alchemist laboratory that casts light on the famous doctors, pharmacists and physicists that lived and worked in Brno and made it famous across Europe. The local wine tradition is evidenced by an old wine cellar and a historic inn with Moravian wine tasting. The negative side of ancient periods are represented by replicas of the town pillory and the madman’s cage, located in the marketplace in the 17th century. And finally the prison exhibits the punishments meted out to dishonest craftsmen and merchants.
The “Opening of the Brno Underground to the Public” project has been financed from the pooled funds of the City of Brno and the European Union.

Labyrinth underneath Vegetable Market belongs among the Top destinations of South Moravia.

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