Building no. 1015

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  • Šmejkalova 144 / Drnovická 1

  • Architect Jaroslav Grunt

  • Four-story triplet (right-hand portion)

Four-story triplet (right-hand portion). In each of the building’s three units, the staircase divided the interior layout into two halves. On the ground floor were a front porch, a small entry hall, a washroom, coal storage, and a larder. In the rear of the house was a terrace with stairs leading down into the garden. The first floor housed the kitchen and living room. A new modern housing element was a breakfast nook in the larger-than-usual kitchen that replaced the classical dining room – meaning that the living room could be used exclusively to relax and for entertaining guests. On the second floor were two bedrooms and a bathroom with WC. The top floor consisted of a rooftop terrace.

Building footprint: 54.80 m2

Usable area: 163.74 m2

Living space: 68.51 m2

Building volume: 506.34 m3

Construction cost: 135,000 crowns

Jaroslav Grunt (1893–1988)

Architect, urban planner, painter, designer, scenographer, university teacher

Selected works: family houses, Brno (1922); rental building, Brno (1923–1925); police headquarters (in collaboration with Adolf Šálek), Brno (1924–1927); family house of Marie and Anna Jelínková, Brno (1928); Masaryk Secondary Trade School, Hodonín (1929–1930); dam and ancillary buildings for the Brno Reservoir (in collaboration with Zdeněk Dolák), Brno (1936–1940)


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Šmejkalova 144 / Drnovická 1

Building no. 1015

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