Building no. 1005

  • Bráfova 107 / Drnovická 12

  • Architect Jaroslav Syřiště

  • Detached four-story building with rooftop terrace

Detached four-story building with rooftop terrace. On the ground floor were a garage, washroom, storeroom, and coal room. The main living space on the first floor consisted of sectors for entertaining guests and for dining, with a door leading to the kitchen. On the second floor were two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a separate WC. The top level consisted of a storage room and a terrace.

Building footprint: 63.75 m2

Usable area: 159.98 m2

Living space: 59.06 m2

Building volume: 553.23 m3

Construction cost: 155,000 crowns

Jaroslav Syřiště (1878–1951)

Architect, designer, university teacher; Rector of Brno University of Technology (1945–1946)

Selected works: Municipal House, Bučovice (1913–1914); Professional School for Women’s Professions, Ostrava-Vítkovice (1922–1923); Private Clerks’ Medical Insurance Company, Brno (1923–1925); school, Morkovice-Slížany near Kroměříž (1923–1924); Sokol club building, Veselí nad Moravou (1924)

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Bráfova 107 / Drnovická 12

Building no. 1005

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