Building no. 1004

  • Drnovická 10

  • Architect Jan Víšek

  • Terraced four-story double house with rooftop terrace (left half)

Terraced four-story double house with rooftop terrace (left half). The ground floor, with unobtrusive pillars on the street-facing side, contained a washroom, drying room, coal storage, and storerooms. On the first floor were the kitchen and the main living space, which was divided by hanging partitions into sections for work, entertaining guests, and dining. The kitchen was connected to the dining area by a closable serving window. On the second floor were a children’s bedroom, the master bedroom, a guest room, and a bathroom with WC. The top floor consisted of a rooftop terrace with a sunbathing area, a small covered bench, and a storeroom.

Building footprint: 45.00 m2

Usable area: 123.60 m2

Living space: 52.73 m2

Building volume: 447.89 m3

Construction cost: 120,000 crowns

Jan Víšek (1890–1966) Architect, urban planner, designer, university teacher, author

Selected works: family house for Josef Kudela, Brno (1926–1927); Hus Congregational House of the Czechoslovak Church, one of the first purely modern religious buildings in interwar Czechoslovakia, Brno (1927–1929); retail building for the United Industrial Design Works, Bratislava, Slovakia (1928–1929); sanatorium of Dr. Václav Šilhan, Brno (1929–1935); villa for Josef Mareš, Znojmo (1931–1932); villa for the builder Karel Tomášek, Pilsen (1931–1933); rental building with sweet shop for Bohumír and Jenovéfa Kolbaba, Brno (1937–1938); retail and rental building of the Legie insurance company – Luxor Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia (1937–1939); remodeling of and addition to the summer residence of Dr. Václav Šilhan, Ivančice (1938);  1950–1957 employee at the studio for the construction of the State Theatre in Brno (1956–1957 general draftsman of the theater)

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Drnovická 10

Building no. 1004

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