Building no. 1002

  • Drnovická 6

  • Architect Miroslav Putna

  • Terraced four-story house with rooftop terrace

Terraced four-story house with rooftop terrace. The open ground floor (with pillars on the street-facing side) was for household operations and service facilities (washroom, drying room, coal storage, storeroom, WC). On the first floor, the main living area was visually separated into kitchen, dining room, and living room through the use of simple partitions. The hallway was illuminated by a horizontal ribbon window. On the second floor were the children’s rooms, the master bedroom, and a bathroom with WC. The office and guest room on the top floor opened up onto a rooftop terrace with a sunbathing area and concrete containers for greenery. The stairwell was illuminated from above by a glass-brick ceiling.

Building footprint: 56.25 m2

Usable area: 159.86 m2

Living space: 95.51 m2

Building volume: 575.72 m3

Construction cost: 155,000 crowns

Miroslav Putna (1904–1994) Architect, urban planner and university teacher

Selected works: family house for the Charvát family, Brno (1935–1936); municipal rental buildings for the socially disadvantaged, Prostějov (1936–1937); rental building for the Municipal Savings and Loan Company, Jubilejní Preschool, Prostějov (1938–1939); office and rental building for the Municipal Electrical Company, Prostějov (1938–1940); social housing complex, Prostějov (1938–1941)

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Drnovická 6

Building no. 1002

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