Building no. 1001

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  • Drnovická 4

  • Architect Hugo Foltýn

  • Terraced four-story building with rooftop terrace

Terraced four-story building with rooftop terrace. On the ground floor were the technical and service facilities (washroom, coal storage, storeroom). Along the front and side, the upper floors were held up by three pillars that formed a part of the building’s reinforced concrete frame. Vertically, the floors were connected by a narrow winding steel staircase that led up to the rooftop terrace with a concrete container for planting greenery. The house’s central space – which stretched up across two floors and was illuminated by a horizontal street-facing window – consisted of a living room with sectors for entertaining guests and dining, plus a working sector with kitchen. On the third floor was a gallery with bookcases, from which one accessed the bedroom. This level was illuminated by a grid window with a balcony on the southwestern side of the building. Another bedroom and the bathroom were located on a mezzanine level accessed by stairs from the gallery.

Building footprint: 56.25 m2

Usable area: 173.79 m2

Living space: 81.98 m2

Building volume: 525.18 m3

Construction cost: 150,000 crowns

Hugo Foltýn (1906–1944 Buchenwald concentration camp)

Architect, designer, scenographer, secondary-school teacher, athlete (handball, football)

Selected works: family house, České Budějovice (1936); scenography for a gala performance of Leoš Janáček’s opera The Makropulos Affair at the Brno Theatre on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its premiere (1935–1936); interior furnishings of his own home and other interiors in České Budějovice (1938–1939)

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Drnovická 4

Building no. 1001

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