Building no. 1000

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  • Drnovická 2 / Šmejkalova 142

  • Architect Jiří Kroha

  • Detached three-story building

Detached three-story building. On the ground floor were the household operations and service spaces (garage, washroom, drying room and ironing room, fuel storage, food storage). The southwestern part of the first floor contained a large living room with a winter garden and summer terrace. The dining area in the living room was separated from the kitchen (with larder) by a cabinet partition wall with a closable serving window. In the hallway behind the semi-circular staircase were a small anteroom, servant’s quarters, and access to the outside staircase to the garden. On the second floor were three bedrooms accessed from a small central hall, plus a walk-in closet with dressing room and a bathroom with WC. Instead of a rooftop terrace, the eastern corner of the second floor was given over to an outdoor exercise area.

Building footprint: 80.75 m2

Usable area: 164.42 m2

Living space: 72.44 m2

Building volume: 693.99 m3

Construction cost: 205,000 crowns

Jiří Kroha (1983–1974) Architect, urban planner, designer, painter, sculptor, scenographer, university teacher, theorist, author; title of “national artist” (1948); rector of Brno University of Technology  (1948–1950)

Selected works: Regional School of Industry, Mladá Boleslav (1923–1926); County Health Insurance Company, Mladá Boleslav (1924–1926); renovation of the Grand Hotel Věnec, Mladá Boleslav (1925–1927); general draftsman of the North Bohemian Exhibition in Mladá Boleslav (1928); own family house, Brno (1928–1931); working with a group of students from Czech Technical University in Brno, puts together the collage The Sociological Fragment of Housing (1931–1933); family house of Josef Patočka, Brno (1935–1936); rental buildings (in collaboration with Vilém Kuba, Josef Polášek, Jaroslav Bureš), Brno (1946–1948); architectural design for numerous exhibitions and trade fairs (Slavic Agricultural Exhibition in Prague, South Bohemian Exhibition in Soběslav, First Nationwide Spartakiád at Strahov Stadium in Prague, 1947–1955); A New Socialist Town (in collaboration with Ivan Ciporanov), Nová Dubnica, Slovakia (1952–1956)

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Drnovická 2 / Šmejkalova 142

Building no. 1000

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