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Come join us and discover Brno – the proud bearer of a rich history in textiles and a city once nicknamed the ‘Moravian Manchester’. In recent years, the city has hosted the creativity of numerous fashion designers.

In their studios you can have made bespoke clothing and pick items from original designer collections produced in a limited number of pieces. Brno’s fashion studios are a wellspring of clothing for women, men, and children, places where you can find unisex garments and fashion accessories. It’s all made with love, with an emphasis on local sourcing, sustainability, and the best possible quality.

On the eve of the first advent Sunday of 2023, Brno’s fashion designers have decided to throw open their studio doors to the public. Over the 2-day event you’ll have a unique opportunity to meet with them in person, see the creative process in action, and take home a little bit of Brno. Supplement your own wardrobe or find an original gift for a loved one.

Brno vibes with fashion and we want you to be part of it.



about studio

about studio is the brainchild of Anna Cichá, Radka Ševcovicová, and Tereza Válková. The studio was founded in its current form in 2019, marking another smooth step on a longer collaboration dating back to 2013. From the very beginning, the most important characteristic of their work has been immaculate craftsmanship. These designers are dedicated to bespoke creations for women who fall outside standard dress sizes, and for those who appreciate a personal approach with great customer care. They also pattern and make wedding dresses. about studio embraces minimalism and timelessness, foregrounding unique designs and precise tailoring. They enjoy working with natural materials like silk and wool thanks to their unparalleled qualities. Clothing is made under fair conditions exclusively in and around Brno.



A perennial star in the firmament of Czech fashion design. alešbáry pair two sophisticated fashion designers who invariably create with positive emotions and a dash of thoughtfully employed imperfection. They create small collections and aspire to look after customers as individuals. They are visionaries whose collections have, from the very outset, been sustainable, timeless, and created from attractive materials. Their clientele is not only diverse, having grown up and matured alongside one another, it’s loyal, too. Aleš and Bára let themselves be guided solely by inner feelings – the compulsory dictates of fashion exert zero influence on their work. And yet, the final models still satisfy all the requirements of the most demanding clients. The brand encompasses the entire range of women’s clothing and accessories. alešbáry come from the salon tradition of the First Republic, and they have family roots to prove it.



ENTL. They dress your true self! They sew. They live. In Brno. With Passion. With a punk soul. And with the highest calibre of care. The brand is the creation of Jana Turečková and Alena Zezulová, two creative spirits who share a love of design and dressmaking. In their studio they clothe people who desire to wear something fresh, timeless, or slightly cheeky. They painstakingly pick high-quality, primarily natural materials like linen, cotton, silk, or rayon. Showing an identical level of care and a personal approach, they dedicate themselves to their bespoke creations. And yes – they also tailor for men! (Don’t miss their bold men’s collection.) Their passion is not merely poured into their designs, it infuses everything they do. They offer sewing courses for beginners, adults, and even individuals. They want fashion to be fun and a means of self-expression. Their priority is the use of local resources and sustainability.

Pavel Jevula

The designer Pavel Jevula creates bespoke fashion for women and men, from coats or various hand-knitted sweaters, through to wedding attire. His offer also includes attractive backpacks and bags, which he makes from 3D materials and leather details. In his studio you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces from fashion shows that you can either buy or hire for a party, wedding, or ball. For his pieces he uses sustainable deadstock materials manufactured in the Czech Republic or elsewhere in Europe. Brides are offered free consultations on overall styling, including the choice of visage and accessories.



The brand KHAKU focuses on originality, the restoration of honest craftsmanship to the clothes rack, nationally sourced materials, and work with aesthetics and symbolism. KHAKU don’t just make kimonos, their superpower is to utilise the atmosphere kimonos evoke. Their creator, Alexandra Kopúnek, tries to design one-off pieces in which wearers feel as if they have entered a dream state, softly attired for any adventure. KHAKU approaches every client individually, and creates a unique design for every kimono, incorporating embroidery or hand-stitched appliqué, thereby fashioning completely incomparable pieces.


Hana Starová Kubešová – during the Open fashion studios event open only on Friday 1 December.

The fashion designer Hana Starová Kubešová has been working since 2016 under her own brand name HK. Ever since starting out, she has dedicated herself to upcycling materials and clothes. Into the shapes and stories of her garments she projects her inspiration from theatre and film, from scenography and concerts. All these impressions are drawn from a specific sub-cultural eclecticism that she smuggles into her works. You’ll also encounter elements of fantasy and anime in her designs.



The Markirio brand is home to the original fashion of unconventional designer Markéta Vlašánková. Her work is symbolised through colour, comfort, and originality. She believes that every person is unique, original, and irreplaceable. Her pieces are the same – unique, original, and irreplaceable. Besides creating fashion, Markéta also devotes her time to leading the Ateliér Křídlo, a studio where, alongside running painting and drawing courses for children and adults, she also organises a sewing circle.



Mela is a designer fashion brand whose speciality is dresses of every type, especially formal and semi-formal dresses. Customers have their clothes custom made, choosing from a broad range of styles, materials, and colours. An important feature and priority of Mela is its personable and individual approach to each woman. It’s not simply a matter of bespoke dressmaking, but more about co-creating a piece that captures the personality of the customer.


Marie Mukařovská – during the Open fashion studios event open only on Friday 1 December.

Marie Mukařovská is a sought-after Brno designer of bespoke wedding dresses. She also creates limited collections of ready-to-wear, which you’ll find in her studio, and she’ll tailor-make practically anything you desire. Her bespoke pieces are stylish, distinctive, and above all respectful to the customer herself. She creates everything with a sensitivity and empathy for the future wearer. Clothes designed by Marie Mukařovská excel in their impeccable tailoring, high-quality materials, considered details, elegance, and simplicity.


O patro výš

Jekatěrina, Kristina, Zuzana, and Natalia are blazing a sustainable trail through the fashion jungle. They collect clothes that others no longer want, trying to find a story where others see nothing. They represent a ‘third hand’, carefully selecting clothes full of stories and love. Together they look for alternatives, investigating alternative approaches to ensure that fashionable garments are not neglected after being fleetingly worn. Since May 2023 they’ve been fine tuning the workings and concept for a clothing rental service for everyone who believes that (not just) second-hand fashion pieces are simply “hot or not”. They seek to encounter, find out, scrutinise, and take joy in new discoveries together with their customers. They offer clothes for formal and casual wear, for parties, photoshoots, conferences, and your best friend’s wedding. On their racks you’ll find both ready-to-wear items and clothes made by local designers.



Inspired by the products of the original company, PROCHAZKA CARBON LUGGAGE manufactures exclusive suitcases, women’s handbags, bags, men’s bags, purses, wallets, and diaries, and reflects a tradition of precise craftsmanship and fine-quality materials. Today’s company is named after Vladimír Procházka, who in 1930 set up a stationery wholesaler which he supplemented with a handmade leather haberdashery. Right through until 1948, the products he produced were highly popular, not only among his loyal customer base, but also among the upper echelons of Czechoslovak celebrities. His advertising campaigns featured leading stars, like the actors and comedians Voskovec and Werich. These days, every product that emerges from the workshop under the name Vladimír Procházka proudly bears the almost century-old VP logo, while putting to good use a combination of carbon fibre technology and unique design.


Pura Vida

Since 2015 this designer fashion brand has been making clothes for girls who believe that colours, patterns, and fresh fashion combinations can lift one’s mood and boost self-confidence. The origins of Pura Vida were forged in the collaboration between Petruccya, illustrator and designer, with Petra Němečková, who took charge of production. Initially an enterprise focused principally on interiors, it became a fashion brand with the birth of the first all-over printed leggings, the opening of its first shop in Brno in 2018, and by establishing cooperation with numerous other artists, local craftspeople, and suppliers. In-house production (using a plotter, sublimation press, and sewing machines) untied the hands of these creatives, enabling them to see a way past the suppliers’ ever-ready complaint: “It can’t be done.” Their colourful mini-factory affords the possibility to experiment and fine-tune their products down to the tiniest detail. The result is an offering of vibrant and positive outfits for sports and everyday wear.



Reparáda is a fashion brand that draws its inspiration from vintage patterns and endorses the ideas of slow fashion with every fibre of being. Its designers are unimpressed by the quick fashion pushed by multinational chains, prioritising instead quality and personal relationships. They choose fabrics with regard to the environment and wearer comfort. They work primarily with natural materials and are absorbed by detail, e.g. choosing to source buttons from domestic manufacturers. You’ll also discover that they’re not too good for honest hard work, either. Nor do they think sustainable fashion should cost much more than clothes from the big chains. That you should not only look great wearing their gear, but that you should feel comfy too. All garments are sewn in Brno and the surrounding area – carefully, paying attention to every detail. As part of Open Fashion Studios, on Friday they’ll be welcoming visitors to the sewing workshop on Cejl Street, where they’re preparing a sale of surplus fabrics and running a little workshop for kids. Alternatively, if you’d prefer stocking your wardrobe, drop by their premises on Kpt. Jaroše Street, which will also be open on Saturday.



SALONč4 is a bespoke dressmaker’s in the heart of Brno that makes garments for individual clients and Czech fashion designers. Its workshops produce runway fashion and ready-to-wear models for Jan Černý, Zoltán Tóth, Alexmonhart, and Liběna Rochová. The dressmaker’s studio is housed in an Art Nouveau apartment where you’re sure to discover what truly excites you. Here they make suits and wedding dresses while promoting the concept of sustainability and local sourcing. Through their lectures, the owners of SALONč4 closely co-operate with educational institutions, where they help cultivate an environment of craftsmanship and employ graduates. They mediate work for students and share know-how to encourage the young to stay in the sector. In 2022, SALONč4 was nominated for the Czech Grand Design prize for fashion.



The clothing brand SESTRY was born out of a passion for sustainable fashion and the desire to share the love of sewing. The studio is home to two Brno sisters, who not only make bespoke models, but also immerse themselves in original clothing design that blends sustainable approaches to fashion with a hint of decadence and romance. Their main mission is to introduce us to a world of beauty and the value of sustainable sewing, which is why Sestry regularly organise inspirational sewing workshops and courses they call “Sew & Wine”. Here they not only teach attendees sewing skills, but also raise awareness about the negative impacts of fast fashion on our environment, about human rights infringements, and other shady practices in the clothing industry.



At TO.GET.HER they believe in beautiful designer clothes in harmony with nature. They create sustainable, timeless fashion from first-class organic materials that are respectful of the environment. The brand, founded in 2019 by designer Hana Prchalová, specialises in women’s ready-to-wear fashion with a strong focus on customer comfort and immaculate tailoring. Simple styles and patterns are always offset by refined details and correspond to the lifestyles of today’s ambitious women. Under the banner of the Brno studio also appear unique wedding dresses, created using prestigious natural materials of the highest quality and designed with a view to be worn even long after the ceremony. Materials meticulously chosen with respect to traceability and internationally recognised certificates come from Czech and European suppliers. All pieces are sewn by two pairs of experienced hands in the Brno studio.



The patterns of garments from are timeless and generally oversized. These clothes adapt to your mood and will accompany you through the years, in perfect harmony with the spirit of slow fashion. In this studio they don’t use traditional sizes, instead there are a maximum of three versions to choose from, and you pick which suits you best. Pieces from this studio merge effortlessly with your own essence, thanks also to the refined designs and unique properties of the natural materials. Their creators lay great store by functionality and versatility, which is why their garments can usually be worn in a variety of ways, depending on where your mood takes you. Over the course of the day you can chair a work meeting, walk the dog, and enjoy an evening out with friends. Fashion from is not governed by the season, but it does show due respect for natural materials and tries to get the absolute most out of them.


VYŠIJU – during the Open fashion studios event open only on Friday 1 December.

Beneath the brand name Vyšiju you’ll find designer pieces that combine illustration and hand embroidery. The whole creative process is inspired by traditional dressmaking from the pre-industrial countryside and reflects folk practices and traditions. The aim is to support the passing down of traditions and their preservation for future generations. Alongside traditional pieces, here you’ll also find a more modern range, designed for everyday wear. Among the most popular items are the hand-embroidered sweatshirts. These were initially created to answer the needs of the owners, but the enthusiasm and clamour that followed their appearance prompted the development of a limited series of bags and sweatshirts with prints whose illustrations match non-traditional motifs together with traditional elements. All these items can be examined up close, and you can additionally study the sketches and drawings that preceded their finished forms. Check out, too, their embroidery set, with which you can create original embroidery pieces at home.



WOLFGANG – Brno’s fashion hood brand – was established in 2012. It concentrates on timeless clothing for women and men. Wolfgang choose the most pleasantly tactile, premium materials, which are then tailored in Brno and other Czech towns. They don’t slavishly follow trends, but rather create fresh and contemporary designer garments that complement one another over the years. They make high-quality, extremely comfortable clothes in which you look and feel fantastic. From the gang to the gang.



The youngprimitive brand was founded by Filip Urban in the autumn of 1999 as a blog in which he later began to display his work. As the principal conveyor of his ideas and attitudes he chose the T-shirt, whose first designs went to print in 2004. Youngprimitive has never stopped evolving, and from T-shirts and printed leggings with original graphics, the brand now focuses (with the contribution of Filip’s wife Jitka) on timeless, primarily women’s garments. They pride themselves on their exclusively local production, precision, and stylish timelessness, and they mainly source environmentally friendly and natural materials. The brand work with bamboo and organic cotton from local textile producers, which they supplement with limited amounts of fabric from other green sources. They love co-operating with local craftsmen and women; for example, their collection of woollen jumpers was created using certified yarn right here in Brno. Brno customers also get the chance to visit the little showroom inside the workshop.


Klára Židková

The workshop of Klára Židková primarily focuses on custom tailoring and dressmaking. Orders for coats and jackets are always plentiful, but production also extends to other garments demanding difficult couture. That said, a visit to the studio offers more than just a workshop tour, you can also try on in comfort finished designer pieces – from evening gowns, coats, and jackets, through to skirts and blouses, which are available prêt-à-porter. One of the mainstays of Klára Židková’s work is also upcycling, working with waste cuttings and deadstock fabrics. Come and experience a combination of luxury (the clothes) and punk (the environment). Klara has prepared a special offer for Open Fashion Studios: visitors get a 10% discount on anything they buy (or order) during either of the two days. Access to the coffee-machine, wine, songs through (dad’s) handmade speakers from the 90s, and other elements – from the subtle to the unbearable glamour of being – are guaranteed!

The studio is in the Kraví hora complex, building no. 26 (the dirty pink one, second up from the entrance gate at the bottom). If you get lost, don’t hesitate to call +420 602 784 210 for directions.











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When the event takes place

1 december 2023 - 10:00–19:00
2 december 2023 - 10:00–16:00

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More information and contacts

  • Alešbáry, Pellicova 5b
  • About studio, Malinovského náměstí 4
  • ENTL, Kotlářská 27
  • Pavel Jevula, Schovaná 1
  • KHAKU, Milady Horákové 16
  • Hana Starová Kubešová, Gorkého 1 (zvonek č. 10, 2. patro)
  • Markirio, Václavská 7
  • MELA, Vachova 8
  • Marie Mukařovská, Gorkého 1 (zvonek č. 10, 2.patro)
  • O patro výš, Bílého 5
  • PROCHAZKA CARBON LUGGAG, Purkyňova 99a, (areál za Technickým muzeem, budova S)
  • Pura Vida, Minská 15
  • Reparáda, třída Kapitána Jaroše 39a – obchod, Cejl 58/72 – dílna
  • SALONč4, Čápkova 4
  • SESTRY, Jaselská 17
  • TO.GET.HER, Údolní 19, (KUMST – budova B, 3. patro, místnost 318)
  • VENNA.STUDIO, Václavská 6
  • VYŠIJU, Gorkého 1 (zvonek č. 10, 2.patro)
  • WOLFGANG Store, Vachova 8
  • Youngprimitive, Ječná 26b (vstup ze zadní strany budovy)
  • Klára Židková Rybkova 23 (areál VUT, budova číslo 26)


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