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Austrian artist Anne Glassner is the author of the second space interpretation.

In the project SENSING THE NIGHT researchers, artists, philosophers, architects and curators from Vienna and Brno are invited to spend a night in the Villa Tugendhat to experience the sleeping, resting body in connection with the surroundings. The meditative effect of architecture on the human body and consciousness is the main focus.
Our society is running faster and faster and there is no time to pause, to contemplate. In this interactive performance, participants will sense the villa through sleeping and dreaming in the house.
During her artist in residence at the House of Art Brno, Anne Glassner will explore different sleeping spaces using embodied artistic experiences such as listening, looking, observing, exploring, analysing, sound recording, drawing, creative mapping.

The idea of appropriating space with a resting reclining body and the connection with the floor is the main focus: How is the space transformed by the horizontal posture of the body? How does the original interior space and the constantly changing light in the villa affect the body? What kind of soundscape is created in the space? How does the space sensually affect the sleep and dreams of the participants?
The participants’ notes and photos created during SENSING THE NIGHT will be shown in an exhibition at the Villa Tugendhat in August.

Anne Glasner (AT) is a visual artist and performer based in Vienna. Her performances, videos, installations and drawings deal with the intense observation of repetitive, often banal everyday activities. Her work has long explored the blurring of the boundaries between art and life and between fiction and reality. The theme of sleep and the meditative effect of the environment on the human body is a central motif in her artistic work, which she will also take up in Villa Tugendhat.

When the event takes place

11–29 august 2021
Úterý: 10:00&17:30
Středa: 10:00&17:30
Čtvrtek: 10:00&;17:30
Pátek: 10:00&;17:30
Sobota: 10:00&17:30
Neděle: 10:00&17:30

Entrance fee

Adults50 CZK

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technické podlaží

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