Den Brna (Day of Brno)

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  • 15.-17. 8. 2019

City celebration of heroic defense of Brno against the Swedish army. We pay homage to the determination and perseverance of the defenders under the leadership of Raduit de Souches, who during the Thirty Years War, fought for Brnoand gained the city the status of an undefeated city and subsequently the capital of Moravia.


Swedish general Tornstenson planned to conquer the city within 3 days and the castle Špilberk within a week. However, people of Brno were not scared by his courgae and many stood up and eventually won the glorious victory. Well-known are tactical pieces that poisoned the morale of the Swedish army, and today we can see in them the seeds of characteristic Brno humor. Instead of the expected surrender, the townspeople held a feast on the walls with music, flags and fanfares. At other times they took an unexpected counterattack to the Swedish camp and caused considerable damage there. To this day, the tradition of noon at 11 o’clock in Brno continues, thanks to which Torstenson supposedly ended the siege on 15 August 1645 and pulled away.

This year’s Brno Day cannot miss the popular battle in the hills of castle Špilberk prepared by Společnost 1645. The military encampment on Dominican Square, where a stylish program of concerts, fencing fights and dances will be played for two days. The whole three-day festival will also end with Baroque fireworks.


The Thirty Years’ War flared mainly for religious reasons, which played an important role in Brno. Raduit de Souches was originally a French Protestant who, according to legend, should have been turned by Catholic faith Martin Středa. At the same time, he had the Jesuit College students trained to fight, without which the defense would probably not have worked out well. The program of the festival also has its spiritual dimension. The Bishopric of Brno will open the cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul Church of the Assumption, Basilica of the Assumption and Diocesan Museum. Guided walks, worship services are planned and do not forget even the smallest visitors.


TIC BRNO adds the alchemical program Black Ball for Torstenson (which, according to legend, could have harmed him) in the Labyrinth under the Gabage Market and a pair of guided walks specially dedicated to this historical event.


Brno Day is organized by the Brno Bishopric, TIC BRNO and Society 1645.

When the event takes place

15.–17. august 2019

More information and contacts

Špilberk 210/1
Brno 66224

Petrov 9
Brno 60200

Petrská 275/3
Brno 60200

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