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Den Brna (Day of Brno)

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  • 13.-15. 8. 2021

City celebration of heroic defense of Brno against the Swedish army. We pay homage to the determination and perseverance of the defenders under the leadership of Raduit de Souches, who during the Thirty Years War, fought for Brno and gained the city the status of an undefeated city and subsequently the capital of Moravia.

Brno Day is organized by the Brno Bishopric, TIC BRNO and Society 1645.

When the event takes place

13–15 august 2021

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In connection to the decision by the National Security Council regarding the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), some of the events may be canceled until further notice. You can monitor the current situation at the websites of individual organizers. Thank you for your understanding.…