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Who sleeps in Brno?

20. 9. 2021 (Hana Novosadová and others, photo Jiří Lubojacký)

Sleep is a fundamental human need. And yes, people do travel to Brno to get a good night’s sleep. Naturally, this is not often the primary purpose of their visit. But it can be. Carrying a rucksack or a gold-plated suitcase, thrill-seekers or young families, romantic couples, or business entrepreneurs. Some hotels attract only one type of person, others have an offer that draws the gamut of humanity. They come to pamper themselves in luxury, have the experience of a lifetime, stay up all night, or simply find a place to crash. Did you ever wonder what sort of guests choose local hotels, hostels, and other types of accommodation facilities here? To find out, you could take a seat in one of the hotel lobbies and people watch awhile… but we take a more direct approach: quizzing staff on reception.

Kdo v Brně spí - v centru dění Photo: Jiří Lubojacký

At the heart of the action

Prior to the pandemic, guests arriving at the Barceló Brno Palace were mainly travelling on business. These days, guests are primarily in search of new experiences, comfort, and privacy. People come to us who want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the hotel and get to know the far-famed Brno social life, gastronomy, and great bars, which are a stone’s throw from the hotel. You can also encounter the hedonist, those luxuriating in relaxation and pampering their bodies in the Thai massage studio. Another of the hotel’s pearls, which attracts guests from as far away as distant Israel, are the building’s 19th century Jewish connections.

Barceló Brno Palace


The phone is ringing at the reception of Hotel Jacob Brno: “I can’t find reception.” “Hello there, and where are you?” “I’m not entirely sure, there are crowds of people here drinking beer.” “Then you’re really close. The glass display window with the reception and choice of natural wines – that’s the hotel reception.” Our typical guest does not really exist. A firm might book an entire floor, people wander in off the street – to have your own apartment with a roof terrace and be just a few floors above the city’s fray, that’s what everyone wants.

Hotel & Apartments Jacob Brno

Kdo v Brně spí - za businessem Photo: Jiří Lubojacký

On business

The weekend lies ahead, and for us that means deploying all our forces on the excited families arriving for a two-day exploration of the city. A woman with a small suitcase is returning at a clip from breakfast. She merely waves at reception, hurrying to make an early meeting, while a young couple, ready for a spot of well-deserved rest after a week’s work, set off to enjoy the magic of Brno with a smile on their faces.

Courtyard by Marriott Brno


Thanks to our location – from the Skybar it’s basically a stone’s throw to Pavilion Z – the prototype for our typical guest is not hard to guess. Trade fair participants. Also businessmen and businesswomen. They arrive at the hotel about nine in the evening and get themselves settled in quickly – it’s generally true that it isn’t the first time they’ve slept here. They’ll spend a short while in their rooms before heading to the restaurant for dinner. After a couple of glasses of wine they’ll retire to their rooms, and in the morning they’ll be in early for breakfast. They’re very used to buffet breakfasts – it’s not a special treat – they grab a yogurt, a bit of fruit and a croissant, an espresso, and leave sometime after eight.


Kdo v Brně spí - u brněnského moře Photo: Jiří Lubojacký

At the Brno seaside

Our most frequent type of guest at this resort beside Brno’s stretch of sea is a likeable guy. Someone who likes to take it easy, who comes to us hot and bothered from the daily grind, or perhaps a striver who knows how to combine hard work and pleasure. They are a pleasure-seeker, whose favourite pastime is sipping a drink on the terrace while watching the sunset sparkling on the water. They aren’t superficial – not put off by the shell of a hotel which, thanks to origins during the former regime, is never going to win any top architectural prize. That said, they’re pleasantly surprised by the comforts they find inside this shell. But most of all – they’re our friend!

Orea Resort Santon


Husbands and wives, lovers, businesspeople, as well as ‘women out for fun’, are typical guests that you’ll meet on the premises of the wellness hotel Maximus Resort. Recognising them is not hard: they’ve got a big smile on their faces and are wearing the hotel bathrobe – a sure sign they’ve already visited the wellness and spa, and are enjoying a well-deserved breather. For them, gourmet experiences are par for the course, and they like to finish the day with a drink on the terrace, with a view over the Brno Reservoir.

Maximus Resort

Kdo v Brně spí - do džungle velkoměsta Photo: Jiří Lubojacký

Into the big-city jungle

People come to Anybody in pairs. So, right away, there are always 2 typical guests.

For some, the journey to get here is two stops on the tram (staycation rules!), others make a beeline for the hotel – a lightning visit, maybe from the opposite end of the country.

They’ve decided to enjoy a truly special evening, special with a capital ‘S’. Relishing their time in Brno, on Vegetable Market, in the world’s first ever ‘relationship’ hotel.

In the upcoming tens of hours they’ll be playful and curious, brave, and free.

But most importantly, they’ll be completely together.


Anybody Hotel


People come to us in search of an experience. The very accommodation offers a raw and unprecedented experience! Here, you’ll mainly meet backpackers and low-cost travellers. Inside the bunker you also often find people on work events – perhaps their bosses really want to toughen them, prepare them for anything. You also get the odd party of thrill-seekers looking to discover what it’s like to be healthy and sleep inside an old-fashioned infirmary. Naturally, such groups enjoy having accommodation so close to the centre. It’s just that the sight of those hospital tiles in the mornings can come as a shock.

Bunkr 10-ZFranz Kafka Špitál

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