VUT Brno Sports Activities Centre (Centrum sportovních aktivit VUT Brno)

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  • A university centre with a long history

  • The biggest multi-purpose hall in the Czech Republic

  • Open to students, the general public, and professional athletes

Sporting  on Palacký Hill (Palackého vrch)

The centre provides year-round sports activities for university students and employees as well as the general public. The offices and most of the sports venues are located on the Pod Palackého vrchem (Under Palacký Hill) premises.

This university site has a long sports tradition, and it offers its services to the general public (children, students, adults, and seniors), sports clubs, companies and organizations, and also – thanks to its advanced sports facilities – to top athletes and sports enthusiasts for fitness activities, training, and races. Its teams of experts are ready to take care of athletes with special needs. It is a place to enjoy sports regularly as well as to attend special sports events. Accredited courses and trainings are available for lecturers and instructors.

Address and contact

Technická 2896/2
616 69 Brno

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