Třpyt river sauna

  • A sauna with a view of stars on a river

  • Can be reached by foot from Jundrov or Komín

  • Near a metallic object, you are where you should be

Here, you can warm your body surrounded by wood and then jump right in the river

You can look outside, where the temperature never rises above 10°. It might be below freezing. Enjoy the sauna while watching how the stars are reflected on the river. You’re invited to the sauna by Roman and Čestmír, who like saunas so much they decided to build one on the banks of the Svratka River so everyone in Brno could enjoy saunas like real Finns. It was designed by the architect Bořivoj Čapák and is unique, poetic, and beautiful as starlight (třpyt in Czech). From April to September, it transforms into a snack bar for passers-by and visitors to the river swimming area in Jundrov.
You can reserve a spot in the sauna on its website for yourself or up to six people, even for the whole season. Towels and everything else will be prepared for you by the river sauna manager who looks after the sauna’s operation and maintenance.

Address and contact

623 00 Brno

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