Milan Kundera Library (Knihovna Milana Kundery)

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  • Contains over 3,000 of the author’s publications, donated by Milan Kundera and his wife Věra

  • Opened 1.4.2023 on Milan Kundera’s 94th birthday

  • Is part of the Moravian Library

You can find this library, with its unique collection and superb interior design, inside the Moravian Library.

On 1 April 2023 was opened the Milan Kundera Library in Brno, birthplace of the illustrious writer. The occasion marked the author’s 94th birthday. The library was set up by the Moravian Library in response to a gift, made by the writer and his wife, comprising over 3,000 of the author’s publications, and supplemented with literary criticism, pictures, and the world-famous writer’s personal correspondence with, for example, Federico Fellini.

The architectural design of the Milan Kundera Library is the work of Hrdina & Pavlík in co-operation with Tomáš Kovalčík, and has been praised by, among others, Věra Kunderová, who not only conceived the idea to create the library but is the person who – with extraordinary dedication and diligence – assembled and helped ready the collection for shipment here.

The ‘library within a library’ is intended primarily for students, researchers, and literary critics. Its collection is available for loans solely on the library premises. The collection is complemented with computers containing audio versions of Milan Kundera’s works in Czech, English, French and German, with additional hardware for studying the digitalised works (especially printouts with the author’s own corrections), as well as all the archive material currently made accessible by the gradual process of digitalisation. Library-goers also get access to a special map charting how Kundera’s works have been published around the world.

In addition to its unique literary material, the library is also an institution with its own cultural programme, focusing on both literary as well as social topics. The programme is aimed at inspiring thought and critically examining our present, just as Kundera’s novels and essays challenge us to do.


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None of the collection may be taken out on loan: it may only be read on the premises

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Address and contact

Kounicova 65a

541 646 201

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