Fegurdi (Václav Sigurson Kostohryz)

  • The Fegurds came to ask how to return home...

  • Two extraterrestrials at the Brno planetarium

  • The roundest sculptural group in Brno

Fegurd means something like “beauty” in Icelandic. And you can find the Fegurds, two aliens who crash landed on Earth and came to ask how to get back home, at the entrance to the Brno Observatory and Planetarium.

Their creator worked on them for roughly a year. It all started as a model made of clay, then a two-piece mould, and eventually a wax model. The bronze statues were cast in the foundry at the Brno University of Technology. The remains of the mould were then removed, the surface of the statues was ground down, and stainless-steel rods were welded inside the statues to anchor them. Refining, final grinding and polishing followed, and a patina was applied. All this resulted in two Fegurds, each 45 centimetres tall and weighing 10 kilograms. Their story may seem familiar to us — after certain events or mishaps in our lives, we too look for the right way back… The Fegurds shyly hang around at the entrance to the planetarium, plucking up the courage to ask. And we believe they’ll get their answer and will set out in the right direction, just like us…

Come to the Brno planetarium to caress the roundest statues in Brno.

Address and contact

Kraví hora 522/2
616 00 Brno

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