Originally, the first engineering fair was supposed to take place in 1958, but so many exhibitors were interested that the capacity of the exhibition grounds at the time wasn’t sufficient. Therefore, within just 12 months, three new pavilions (B, C, and Z) had to be constructed. Thanks to its unusual roof structure, pavilion Z was unique at the time. Its cupola was manufactured separately and several cranes were used to place it on its foundation.

The first International Engineering Fair began on September 6, 1959, attracting 180 thousand visitors on the very first day. However, its beginnings weren’t only about engineering, as it also focused on other industries, including textile, optics, mining and petrochemical as well as automotive. Only later were individual disciplines transformed into separate fairs. It is no exaggeration to say that most fairs held at the Brno Exhibition Grounds today were born from the International Engineering Fair.