Gourmet Brno 2017

We reviewed the best places to eat and drink in Brno. For the second time!

Some of them are fi xed stars in the Brno gourmet sky, others have flown upwards like comets in the last year. They all have one thing in common - they give the customers a great taste experience, original combinations, quality ingredients and authentic atmosphere. These are the venues we present in the independent ranking Gourmet Brno 2017!

Twenty-one experts reviewed 57 places to eat and drink in 7 categories.
The result is a list of the best Brno restaurants, bistros, confectionaries, cafés, wine bars, pubs and bars.

Harmonize your tastes and set out to explore the good things Brno has to offer this year.

THIS IS Gourmet Brno 2017!

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