Brno. You want to experience it, not just see it.

We love people. And their stories.
The more authentic, the better.


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Today’s friendly atmosphere in the city did not arrive from Mars.

It was created by its people, a great team and a functioning community. We thank the people who make Brno Brno.

12th best city in Europe by quality of life
Numbeo.com, 2016



We do not take our monuments too seriously in Brno.

We want them to live on. They talk to us. Skating in winter right under the statue of Jošt, next to the Moravian Gallery? Allowed.

TOP 10 oddest city attractions
The Guardian, 2016



A Brno Christmas on four squares has become a phenomenon.

People are happy to come halfway round the world for mulled wine, fortified cider and traditional crafts. You can then take them to the bars. And that is when things really start to happen.

Unexpected gastronomy and night life in the Mecca of architecture.
The New York Times, 2016



At Easter, boys give girls a whipping.

So it’s not too gender-balanced. But it is a tradition and we honour it in Brno.

Czech Republic, 6th safest country in the world
Global Peace Index, 2017



It is also a Brno tradition to go for a beer.

Have one, two or five. Happily in the middle of the week, happily in the centre of the city. Even the next day’s headache is worth being with friends for.

Czech out Brno for a cheaper, calmer city break.
The Guardian, 2017



In Brno business is also going well.

And despite that we do not make too big a deal of it. We just have a couple of coffees and get to work.

„Brno is the best spot for beer, cocktails or coffe“
New York Times, 2017



Even though the sights are close at hand it can be hard to get to them.

Especially if you stop off in one of the many wonderful cafes or bars. At least for a moment for a chat with friends and the locals.

6th best lifestyle among European cities.
fDi, The financial Times, 2018



In the afternoons and evenings we go dancing. Happily and often. From techno to swing.

Even in the garden of the famous functionalist Villa Tugendhat. Yes, the one on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

„Villa Tugendhat is the stupendous price of its apparent simplicity“, The Guardian



You can happily ignore all the advice on what to see and experience.

And simply do things your way. Completely differently. After all, alternative approaches have always prospered here.

Top 10 alternative city breaks
Skyscanner, 2017



Come, enjoy, dance and discover. Do whatever takes your fancy.

And if you like, share with us your story from Brno. Whether it is wonderful, horrible, bizarre or crazy, it would be a pity to keep it to yourself.

You just have to label it#brnotruestory

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Thanks to its people and community this city is getting better every day.

We are Brno

A friendly city in which all those who prefer intensive experiences in an absorbing atmosphere full of authentic places and local people when travelling will feel at home.
We offer a plethora of bars, pubs, cafes, gardens, parks, fantastic coffee, great beer and vineyards just outside the city walls. But above all it has the spirit of an extremely youthful place with a functioning community of peo-ple who have themselves decided to make the city free, open and relaxed.
Functionalist architecture, historic buildings and industrial projects are the unique backdrop for your fantastic sense that here people really know how to live life to the full.

What we are

An alternative to the centre.
We are not Prague, Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest. Historically we have always rather presented a counter-weight.
This is not the epicentre where everything happens and everyone goes. But it is also thanks to this that today we have remained authentic, non-mainstream, without airs and because of all that a freer city.

Purism and Functionalism.
Adolf Loos, the Tugendhat House, Bohuslav Fuchs, the Zeman Cafe, Brno Exhibition Centre.
We aren’t hung up on emblems, decoration and ornaments. We do not focus on external beauty but on what is practical and on what is inside. We have adopted the idea of “form that follows function” and made it our own, and it has helped make us what we are.

Bottom-up. Community. Self-sufficient.
Strong generations always arose here from the bottom up, rather than being the result of higher forces (political decisions or the support of powerful businesses).
Whether we talk of the interwar generation of architects, the avant-garde and “string generation” [a reference to the people around the Theatre Goose on a String] of the 70s or the community development of the city in the last five years.

This is a city where time passes slower than in the great metropolises. Alongside work we always manage to keep back some time for the hedonic enjoyment of life.
So it is also down to this that today we are a city of coffee, beer, wine and cocktails, morning shopping for fruit in the square, sitting around in gardens or drinking in the park.

What we believe in

Everyone deserves to have their own space.
This is a city which doesn’t boss people around. It supports community and culture where it naturally arises. It does not restrict its inhabitants or visitors more than is necessary. It has understanding for them and knows how to listen to them.

Home is where my friends are.
In Brno everything is somehow close to hand. Monuments, bars, architectural gems and people themselves. That’s why we are fans of cooperation, friends and everything that comes about from the bottom up rather than top down.

There is no need to make a big deal of everything.
We are a city that seems made for gourmets and hedonists. We can offer them beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, fresh fruit, but also plenty of greenery, security and accessible countryside all around.


The Brno marketing team in cooperation with TIC BRNO.