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VESELÁ VAČICE burger & beer

“Very good down-to-earth food savoured in an informal atmosphere.”

If you’re looking for top-quality, uncomplicated food at an affordable price, then Veselá Vačice is the place to be. An informal pub with several types of beer on tap, including from micro-breweries. Its lunchtime menu, including classic Czech dishes, makes it a highly popular venue. The kitchen, with head chef Míra at the helm, primarily serves up burgers, chicken wings, pork ribs and salads.

Staff (attitude and knowledge)
Taste and quality of food


Opening hours

Monday 11:00-02:00

Tuesday 11:00-02:00

Wednesday 11:00-02:00

Thursday 11:00-02:00

Friday 11:00-02:00

Saturday 17:00-01:00

Address and contact

Běhounská 22

+420 608 581 962

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