Restaurant Signature


taste and quality of food: 86 %
taste and quality of drinks: 95 %
presentation of food/drink, appearance: 97 %
originality of offer: 87 %
staff (attitude, knowledge): 96 %
setting/atmosphere: 83 %

„A big plus is the home-made bread, which guests can take home“

A return to tradition, enriched with elements of global cuisine, the desire to experiment, and emphasis on quality – ensuring that honest food appears on the plate – these are Signature’s hallmarks. An exceptional experience in a modern environment, perfect service, and the most extensive offer of sparkling wines in the region.


Opening hours

Monday 07:00-23:00

Tuesday 07:00-23:00

Wednesday 07:00-23:00

Thursday 07:00-23:00

Friday 07:00-23:00

Saturday 07:00-23:00

Sunday 07:00-23:00

Address and contact

Vintrovna 35

+420 737 383 383

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