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Pivnice U Tekutého chleba

“Awesome service! An essential afternoon pit stop as one leaves the city centre.”

A proper pub: a wide selection of beers from craft breweries and a passionate owner, bread with Olomouc cheese, marinated sausages and hermelín cheese – all the traditional staples. Christened after the Czech byname for beer (‘liquid bread’), it’s only been open for three years, but already won over tourists and locals alike. Here you’ll find a real Czech pub atmosphere!

Staff (attitude and knowledge)
Taste, quality, and care of the beer


Opening hours

Monday 16.00–24.00

Tuesday 16.00–24.00

Wednesday 16.00–24.00

Thursday 16.00–24.00

Friday 16.00–24.00

Saturday 16.00–24.00

Sunday 16.00–24.00

Address and contact

Moravské nám. 14a

+420 777 046 110

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