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Industra Coffee

“Oasis of real peace and quiet, with perfectly made coffee and a real passion for the job.”

The cafe is part of a multifunctional cultural centre located in a freezing works. You don’t arrive at Industra by chance: you need to set off deliberately and it might take a while to find. An industrial interior fused with contemporary art, young designer fashion and prize-winning baristas create a unique experience. Coffee tastings, coffee courses, Sunday brunches or simply sitting quietly and drinking a cup of coffee prepared with extraordinary care – that’s Industra Coffee.

Taste and quality of coffee
Staff (attitude and knowledge)


Opening hours

Wednesday 13:00–19:00

Thursday 13:00–19:00

Friday 13:00–19:00

Saturday 10:00–18:00

Sunday 10:00–18:00

Address and contact

Masná 9
60200 Brno

+420 736 135 866

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