Café Pilát


taste and quality of food: 85 %
taste and quality of drinks: 80 %
presentation of food/drink, appearance: 80 %
originality of offer: 93 %
staff (attitude, knowledge): 82 %
setting/atmosphere: 83 %

“Distinctive establishment in a beautiful location.”

The unusual design by Martin Hrdina and the location inside the Capuchin Monastery symbolically reference the ancient Near East. The food, inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, can be accompanied by the thick wines of the Golan Heights or fresh products from tried and true Moravian wine-makers.

Opening hours

Monday 08:00-24:00

Tuesday 08:00-24:00

Wednesday 08:00-24:00

Thursday 08:00-24:00

Friday 08:00-24:00

Saturday 08:00-24:00

Sunday 08:00-24:00

Address and contact

Kapucínské nám. 5
60200 Brno

+420 603 974 496

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