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We asked people connected with winning enterprises from Gourmet Brno 2017 to give us the names of their favourite places in South Moravia. What really hits the sweet spot? Where do they themselves like to stop for a meal on their travels, or pop in for refreshments or coffee? Get inspired!

Marek Sigmund (Výčep na Stojáka) recommends:


Café and restaurant offering superb food and drinks. Ingredients from their own gardens as well as local producers.

MON–SUN 11.00 A.M. – 10.00 P.M. (JULY–AUG.)
SUN–THU 11.00 A.M. – 09.00 P.M.
MON–SAT 10.00 A.M. – 10.00 P.M.

Address and contact

Klentnice 166
692 01 Klentnice

725 217 962

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