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BUKOVSKÝ café cukrářství

Winner of the category

“A nice, family, and calm setting.”

A family tradition for a father and his sons: Aleš, Milan, and Mirek. Authentic, craft confectioneries made daily with passion and humility. Honest craft, select ingredients, tasty desserts, cakes, and premium coffee. The pleasant, family atmosphere and tradition of South Moravia.

Dessert taste and quality
Dessert presentation and appearance

Opening hours

Monday 9:00–20:00

Tuesday 9:00–20:00

Wednesday 9:00–20:00

Thursday 9:00–20:00

Friday 9:00–20:00

Saturday 9:00–20:00

Sunday 9:00–20:00

Address and contact

Minská 2
60200 Brno

+420 777 476 797

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