Mystery of the Old Town Hall (Tajemství Staré radnice)

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  • Puzzlehunt in Brno’s oldest secular building

  • A trip into history and to a lookout

  • Gothic portal, crocodile in the passage, historical halls

Smart fun topped off by a beautiful view over Brno.

This game, which you can play any weekend from April to November at seven stations within the Old Town Hall (Stará radnice), offers interesting historical information wrapped in puzzles and logic problems. The stations are spaced all around the Old Town Hall (Stará radnice), including its tower, so players get a beautiful view of Brno.

At each station, you have to find a code. It’s either a number or a QR code which your smartphone can decode. After you enter the code and solve the puzzle, you’re directed to the next station. You don’t have to worry that you won’t solve the puzzles. The tasks are based on what you can find around you. You’re forced to find the solutions in the objects, pictures, and sculptures around you.

You can get started with the game at the Tourist Information Centre on Radnická Street (Turistické informační centrum). You don’t need your phone’s data switched on as the Tourist Information Centre has made sure there’s Wi-Fi throughout the Old Town Hall (Stará radnice) and its tower. The price of the game includes entrance to the Old Town Hall (Stará radnice) and its tower.

Entrance fee

75 CZK


Address and contact

Radnická 8

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