Museum of Torture Instruments (Muzeum mučících nástrojů)

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  • Largest collection in the world

  • Greatest terrors and tortures ever devised by humans

  • Exhibition in newly accessible part of Brno underground

Greatest terrors and tortures ever devised by humans

This can truly be designated as one of the most important exhibitions as it shows raw human nature as it really is – when there are no rules imposed by society, it is possible to commit violence against other people, which alters the very essence of humanity.

This is a unique and singular exhibition of historical torture instruments and witchcraft. It presents a profile of torture and includes objects from 500 BCE through the 20th century.

It is the most extensive exhibition of its kind in the world, with more than 200 objects and instruments to cause physical pain and suffering. Instruments for pulling, tearing, cutting, burning, stabbing…

Anything that can cause pain and that the wielder is able to carry out on a person.

These objects are mostly originals which were actually used for torture, supplemented by period pictures and explanatory texts.

The collection includes objects from across Europe and the gradual development, inventions, and terrors of torture. The exhibition is located in a newly accessible part of the Brno underground, where, in addition to this unique exhibition, you can also explore an underground labyrinth of historic cellars stretching to under Masarykova Street.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri            10 a.m.- 7.p.m.
Saturday           10 a.m.- 7.p.m.
Sunday              10 a.m.- 7.p.m.

Last entrance in 6 p.m.

Entrance fee



Address and contact

Masarykova 413/34
60200 Brno


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