Dark blue Adventure (Tmavomodré dobrodružství)

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  • A team puzzlehunt through the streets and parks

  • Braille, hearing, touch

  • Brno in another reality

An outdoor game breaking down barriers.

Teamwork, creativity, and new experiences – that’s this puzzlehunt which leads you through bustling Brno streets and calm parks. It’s easier for teams with at least one team member with a visual impairment to solve the puzzles, which are based mostly on working with Braille, hearing, and touch.

Dark blue Adventure (Tmavomodré dobrodružství) is a story about when Bara met Michal, a friend who opened her eyes to how to perceive the world with closed eyes. It’s also a walk around part of Brno you might not know or have noticed just in passing. Brno in another reality – not a virtual one, but a real one. Maybe the most real one possible.

People who love logic problems and solving puzzles can start the game at the Tourist Information Centre on Radnická Street (Turistické informační centrum). The game, which requires a smartphone, leads teams through six stations and lasts about two hours.

Entrance fee

200 CZK


Address and contact

Radnická 8

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