Brno Technical Underground (Brněnské technické podzemí)

  • Underground utilities buried 5 metres down

  • Both the entrance and exit are in Josefská Street

  • Brno’s collectors have been there since the 1970s

Explore the underground that keeps Brno alive and thriving

Over 21 kilometres of tunnels with heating and water pipes, cables of power generation companies and mobile phone service providers, and much more are buried under the capital of Moravia. The inside of the technical networks crucial for the city’s daily functions is managed by the joint-stock company Technické sítě Brno and the tours are led by trained guides from the Tourist Information Centre of Brno. You can choose between a short tour and a long one. The shorter tour is a presentation of this modern technical structure, its daily operation, and maintenance. The long tour takes visitors beyond that to the historical underground, walking under Josefská, Masarykova, Orlí, Radnická, Jánská, and Minoritská Streets. Some of the passages have been converted into a museum, so visitors can see discoveries from the well at Špilberk Castle, fragments of the well, and the work tools used in these underground constructions. The junctions of the passages are equipped with special boards showing how the names of the streets under which the collectors are buried have changed over time.

The short tour takes around 60 minutes, and the long one 90. Both tours require good physical condition, as visitors have to ascend and descend steep stairs and ladders.

Entrance fee

Ticket desk address:

Labyrint pod Zelným trhem
Zelný trh 21

Tickets to the tours in utility tunnels can be purchased at the ticket office of the labyrinth underneath the Vegetable Market.

Visitors must sign the Visitor rules and Operating regulations (see below). These two documents are available at the ticket desk.

Address and contact

Josefská (Visitors are asked to arrive at the entrance to the labyrinth (Zelný trh 21) fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start of the tour.)

+420 542 212 892

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