Brno Centre Geotrail – Denis Gardens

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  • Third station of geotrail

From the lookout in Denis Gardens, you can easily see the difference between the rugged part of Brno (the top of Špilberk, Žlutý kopec), which falls within the Bohemian Massif, and the flatter southern part, which belongs to the Western Carpathians. The obelisk in the middle of the open space was erected in 1818 as thanks for peace following the hardships of the Napoleonic Wars. You’ll find coral marble from Šumbera (not far from Hády on the north-eastern edge of Brno), and if you look up close you’ll see fossils. The memorial itself was struck by lightning. During a storm in 1887, lightning hit the top of the obelisk, ran down the western side, and broke off several pieces. These were replaced, but small cracks still remain on the surface.

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