Battle of Brno (Bitva o Brno)

  • Thrilling game about the siege of Brno

  • Suitable for getting to know the world of puzzles

  • 13 locations, 13 tasks

The Swedes besieged Brno for 112 days. You can conquer faster!

“Tomorrow we’ll attack the city for the last time. Brno must be ours before the bells on Petrov strike noon. If it’s not, we’ll retreat.” These words were spoken in spring 1645 by Swedish Field Marshal Torstensson, who had been unsuccessfully besieging Brno for four long months.

What was this great battle like? Who stood up to this northern general? What did he stand for, where did he live, and what traps did he think up for the Swedes? And why do the bells on Petrov still ring for noon at 11:00? This game will present history wrapped in puzzles, logic problems, and hiding places. Can you get past all the snares and reach the end?

The game is mainly for adults in teams of 2–5 players, but kids 10 and older can also take part. You’ll need three watches, the game brochure (which you’ll get at the start at Café Morgal), a fully charged smartphone connected to the internet, paper, and a pencil. The game was put together by Cryptomania s.r.o.

Entrance fee

1 200 CZK

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