Advent at Zelňák and around Jost

  • 26. 11. – 23. 12. 2021

Come enjoy the magical Christmas atmosphere at Zelný trh (Vegetable Market) and check out its Parnas fountain, and don’t miss Moravské náměstí (Moravian Square) with its statue of Jobst atop his long-legged horse.

The Vegetable Market is one of the most picturesque squares in Brno; during Advent, its unique baroque fountain is accompanied by a beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas lights decorating the streetlamps. Despite the markets being cancelled, the square retains its great atmosphere. And if the local fairy-tale merry-go-round is too busy, you can find another one right at the statue of Jobst.

There are a few stalls at the Vegetable Market selling Christmas decorations, but the rest have unfortunately had to close.

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