The prison is transforming!


The prison is transforming – a place of process

Transformation and development

Even knowing the historical consequences and the past, it’s necessary to enable the building to develop, to give it the chance to transform and a process for finding a new position and importance for Brno and its immediate surroundings. The neighbourhood is both home to socially excluded people and a very dynamically developing urban area with good future prospects. We must allow the prison to appear in new, sometimes unexpected contexts. It’ll never again be a prison, even though a reminder of its history will always be a clear element, and this is taken into account in the idea for a Creative Centre. This project is currently a sort of goal and symbol of transformation, though the contents and character of the centre can’t just be created on paper. They have to arise organically through a gradual process of searching, which will inevitably include experimenting with new forms and formats. Even the plan for a transitional period should contribute to this process. Using the prison in untraditional, experimental, innovative ways, such as for a play’s backdrop, experiential programmes, and various conceptual projects, will help to uncover its various new positions and possibilities.