The prison inspires!


The prison inspires – a place of inspiration

Creativity and exclusivity

The prison is not just a building with a dark past, but also a unique inspirational space. There should be support for creative processes which lead from initial thoughts and ideas to actually putting on interesting events. Support will be directed to ideas which work with the prison as a remarkable source of inspiration, are designed from the outset for the prison, have a unique added value for the prison, or are unique projects implemented only in the prison. These can include various site-specific performances, thematic festivals, historical conferences, film screenings connected to the prison, and creative workshops directly in the prison. The goal is to support activities and projects which approach the prison as a unique and exclusive building. Of course, this requirement can’t be applied absolutely, but care will be taken to avoid situations in which the prison serves as a performance space or attractive background for events which take place somewhere else in the exact same form.