The prison connects!


The prison connects – a place of meeting

Synergies and cooperation

The theme of meeting and cooperation resounds very strongly in a prison, a space which was built to isolate individuals and break their social ties. As a counterpoint to its original purpose, the prison will offer openness, the chance to meet and freely create together. This will take place through such events as workshops and community meetings within Barvy brněnského Bronxu (Colours of the Brno Bronx) as well as during preparations for specific events, projects directly for the prison. The goal is for projects carried out in the prison to lead to new connections and fusions, cooperation among people from various fields, and more. A good example is the Festival ve vězení (Festival in the Prison) put on by the Líšeň Theatre, which connected the worlds of art and political history. Cooperation also means various networks connecting institutions, both those nearby (DROM, the Museum of Romani Culture) and those farther away (e.g., the Centre for Experimental Theatre, the South Moravian Innovation Centre, and schools such as the Brno University of Technology, the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, and Masaryk University).

In connection to the decision by the National Security Council regarding the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), some of the events may be canceled until further notice. You can monitor the current situation at the websites of individual organizers. Thank you for your understanding.…