Open House… Open Heart… we’re looking for VOLUNTEERS

Open House Brno 2018

Dear Volunteers,

We’re welcoming volunteers into the team. You’ll participate in putting on the pilot project Open House Brno 2018, taking place 14 April 2018. The idea is to give Brno citizens free access to interesting buildings and spaces that are generally out of bounds. These include architecturally important buildings as well as modern office and administrative complexes, industrial structures and buildings that offer an unusual vantage on the city.

Brno is following in the footsteps of similar projects around the world – e.g. in Chicago, London, Vienna and last but not least Prague. A precursor to Brno’s Open House had its dry run in September 2017, attracting very good levels of participation and plenty of feedback from everyone involved. From the preliminary response so far, we’re again expecting massive interest from the general public – and not just from Brno natives.

We’d also like to rope you into the project – volunteers are key to successfully co-ordinating visitors at individual locations and also for documenting the event with photos. 

We want to make you happy and share some great experiences with you. As thanks from us, you’ll get a souvenir from the Open House range, a token gift from the partners of the project, and you’ll even be able to visit some of the places before the event itself! On top of which, we’re preparing a special event for all volunteers on Friday 13 April. You certainly won’t be missing out on any backstage experience!

If you’re interested in joining Open House Brno and you’ve got free time for the night-before event (13 April) and of course for the day itself (14 April), then contact us right away at Many thanks!

On behalf of the Open House Brno team,

Tereza Kalábová

Lucie Pešl Šilerová

Martin Pešl