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Open House Brno 2018

CEITEC research centre, Masaryk University

This building is an example of first-rate high-tech architecture, blending clean design and functionality. It is the base for an international team of scientists researching advanced materials, life sciences and technology, and boasts the title of Structure of the Year 2014. During Open House, you can look forward to a guided tour, an exhibition mapping CEITEC’s construction and get an unusual view of the atrium from the footbridge that connects both wings of the building on the second floor.


Open House Brno - CEITEC
Open House Brno – CEITEC research centre


A Brno company, which has worked its way up to becoming one of Europe’s best in its field, is inviting you to the best-smelling offices in Brno. The company’s interiors won the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year 2017 award for “The Office as the DNA of the Company”. Find out what this means by taking a peek into Notino’s modern spaces, whose designs were inspired by essences, perfumes and cosmetics. Open House has prepared a guided tour, a fascinating presentation and a sweet-smelling competition.


Open House Brno - Notino
Open House Brno – Notino

Alfa pasáž

Multipurpose Alfa Palace can be found on the corner of Jánská and Poštovská streets, and its passage links it to buildings that connect it with Freedom Square. The structure was built between 1930 and 1937. The developer František Hrdina asked architect Bohuslav Fuchs to design a spectacular apartment building with a shopping arcade (passage) and a cinema. The complex is made up of a single-storey shopping hall with a gallery roofed by a glass ceiling. Eight entrances to the apartments lead from the passage to the upper floors, which contain around 160 flats. Open House will take you to the very top and provide you with a birds’ eye view of Brno city centre.


Open House Brno - Alfa pasáž
Open House Brno – Alfa pasáž (photo: Pocket media s.r.o.)

Brno-Lidická Fire Station, Fire Rescue Service of South Moravian Region

The Brno fire station on Lidická Street was built especially for the city fire brigade and replaced the no longer suitable and cramped premises at the Old City Hall. It became the HQ of the Brno Fire Service and was officially opened 12 June 1940. The move is closely connected, however, with a distressing story: credit for planning the new building must go to Brno’s pre-war mayor Ing. Rudolf Spazier, who at the time of the opening ceremony had already been imprisoned for nine months at the Buchenwald concentration camp. Open House will take you round the building’s facilities, where you’ll discover more as part of a guided tour.


Open House Brno - Brno-Lidická Fire Station
Open House Brno – Brno-Lidická Fire Station

Sokol Brno I

For over 90 years, Brno’s Sokol Stadium on Kounicova Street has been an important centre for the city’s sporting and cultural life. The sports complex was built from 1922-1929, initially according to a design by Jindřich Kumpošt, before being finished by Miloš Laml. Today it is considered an outstanding example of Brno inter-war architecture. It was here that Olympians Alois Hudec and Jan Gajdoš trained. At the same time, it was also a concert venue for stars like Jarmila Novotná and Rudolf Firkušný. The world premiere of Janáček’s Glagolitic Mass was performed at the stadium. In the spirit of kalos kagathos, Open House will guide you through these tucked-away sporting and cultural arenas.


Open House Brno - Sokol Brno I
Open House Brno – Sokol Brno I

Veřejná zeleň města Brna

As its name suggests (City of Brno Public Greenery), this public-benefit corporation – operated by the city – ensures that Brno’s trees and green spaces are professionally looked after and all necessary gardening works are carried out. Its main activity is to administer, establish, renovate and maintain the important parks entrusted to it, as well as the many street trees throughout the city. During Open House, you will hear more information about the Tyršův Park and the National Cultural Monument Špilberk Castle from the real experts – general architects professor Ivar Otruba and Ing. Eva Damcová.


Open House Brno - Veřejná zeleň města Brna
Open House Brno – Veřejná zeleň města Brna (photo: Pocket media s.r.o.)

International Clinical Research Center (FNUSA-ICRC)

The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) is a new generation science and research center and a public center providing the latest medical treatments. It focuses on finding new methods, technologies and medicines for effective prevention, early diagnostics and individualized treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. A guided tour gives these complex issues a human dimension, and the route includes a Faraday cage. A visit to St. Anne’s University Hospital for Open House 2018 cannot be missed!


Open House Brno - International Clinical Research Center (FNUSA-ICRC)
Open House Brno – International Clinical Research Center (FNUSA-ICRC)