Den Brna (Day of Brno): Historic battle on Špilberk


Programme stage

12:00 Banderie e Spade Flags and swords
13:00 Cyrano club Gascon cadets
14:00 Hurriya Oriental dance
15:00 S.P.G. Old Guard War is No Bed of Roses
17:00 Evadeés Renaissance dancing and instruction
18:00 Yufi Juggling performance
20:00 S.P.G. Old Guard Beautiful death
20:40 Banda Allegra Drum parade
21:35 Dubia Fortuna


March of troops to St James’ Church

10:00 Muster of troops on Špilberk
10:30 Arranging troop formations opposite the Hotel International (park beneath the castle)
10:45 March of troops through the town to the Church of St James
11:00 Laying of flowers at the tomb of Raduit de Souches, Church of St James
12:00 Return of the troops to the castle
Period outdoor market

10:00–22:00 northern curtain of Špilberk Castle

Children’s competitions

12:30– 15:30 northern and western curtain of Špilberk Castle

Battle demonstrations at the foot of Špilberk’s ramparts

16:00–17:00 southern and western ramparts