Den Brna (Day of Brno): Children’s programme

13–18 August

Collect at least 5 stamps for completing activities and get a safe conduct document as a rightful defender of the town.

Gather stamps by visiting the churches and for carrying out activities during Saturday’s programme. You can collect your “safe conduct” on Saturday, 18 August directly at Špilberk Castle.


14:00–18:45, yard in front of Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul
Children’s period circus, games for children, period merry-go-round 


  • 16:30–17:15 – Church of St Thomas
  • 10:00–16:00 – Church of St James
  • 10:00–16:00 – Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady
  • 10:00–16:00 – Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul
  • 11:30–13:30 – Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

 SATURDAY, 18 AUGUST          12:30–15:30, Špilberk Castle

  • Quintain – an old knights’ game to sharpen one’s speed in battle; the adept must strike the shield of the revolving training mannequin while dodging the return swing off its sword.
  • Skittles – a game for training the ability to strike the enemy from the ramparts with a stone. This was the reason why, in olden times, the ball was not bowled at the skittles but hurled.
  • Wreaths – another test for your aiming skills, throwing a wreath upon the point of a halberd.
  • Combat on the log – a good fighter requires stability, which can be demonstrated by fighting one’s opponent upon a log or beam. Here we use weapons with soft safety tips.
  • Crossbow firing – although the crossbows used during the siege of Brno were hunting weapons, in the hands of a brave defender they could still offer a potent threat.
  • Handling a rapier – in the heat of battle you need to keep your bearings and strike your opponent; the adept must spin around several times and then stab his or her opponent (in this game symbolised by inflated balloons)