Christmas Dominican Square

Dominican Square, with its romantic backdrop represented by the New Town Hall and the Church of St Michael, will belong to Advent markets and their festival of gastronomy and fun for the whole family. You can buy excellent food or beverages and enjoy them in peace in comfortable seating areas or on the terrace of the Church of St Michael.

Enjoy Gourmet Christmas at Dominican Square

The ever improving gastronomy in the City of Brno has taken the Advent streets by storm. No longer is the offer limited to mulled wine and grilled sausages. This year’s menu is longer than ever; every connoisseur can look forward to new experiences.

This market is friendly to the environment! Beverages are served in reusable cups and mugs with Christmas motifs. You can return them for a refund or you can take them home as a souvenir.

Check out the list below to find out what you can look forward if you decide to visit this part of the Brno Christmas markets:

QUICK bistro – Chicken chips

This booth offers poultry specials, such as chicken, turkey or duck breast in choux pastry served with roasted potatoes.

QUICK bistro – Fish and chips

Enjoy fish specials such as the traditional Christmas carp with potato salad or traditional fish soup.

Monte Bú

Stop by to try their spicy bean soup; corn tortilla filled with chicken; ribs; beef burgers; American pancakes; hot sangria; homemade punch and carp chips.

Božskej Bar

Mulled wine, Movember punch, special hot drinks or tea to warm your body and soul.

Bar u jesliček

This bar serves hot lemonades in a variety of flavours (with or without alcohol); hot chocolate; chocolate-covered fruit; mead or mulled wine.

Pivnice U čápa

The legendary beer house offers smoked catfish pâté, special Christmas sauerkraut soup, carp chips, roast duck, homemade sausages, pancakes, čapunč original, čapunčtuzemáček, čapunčžufánek and hot pear.

Super Panda Circus

Check out this booth with the Turbomošt drink and other beverages made famous by this legendary bar.

Restaurace Pohoda

The biggest attractions of this booth include goulash soup, grilles sausages, mini burgers with duck meat and pear chutney, pulled pork in a bun with pickled vegetables or a unique drink named “šulišajda” (mulled red wine with rum, orange, sugar and spices).

Restaurace Akát

This restaurant offers grilled Camembert cheese; tripe soup; veal cheeks in red wine; game burger; pulled duck pork in panini; croissant with chicken strips, cheddar sauce and corn, and more.

Statek Samsara (Samsara Farm)

Come enjoy the traditional kulajda soup with quail egg; special calamari recipe (wakame, sesame, grilled tuna, vegetables, pomodoro, chickpea); duck confit in a bun with hoisin sauce and coriander; grilled ostrich sausage with horse radish and mustard or cinnamon cake with apples and walnuts.

Hromčíkova medovina (Hromčík’s Mead)

The famous Elisa mead medovina Elisa comes in a variety of flavours; you can enjoy it hot and bring home an entire bottle.

Fresh Fries

Traditional and famous Belgian fries made from fresh potatoes.

Wooden nativity set

Sculptor Jiří Halouzka will once again send to Brno his 100-piece wooden nativity set. In addition to many cute animals it features the most important figures, i.e. Joseph, Mary and Infant Jesus.

Petting zoo

In addition to the nativity set animals children will enjoy actual live animals brought by the Brno Zoo – sheep and pigmy goats. They are very friendly; anyone can pet them.

The Christkind Post Office

Do your children have a big Christmas wish? They can make it come true. All they have to do is write a letter to the Christkind and throw it into the wooden mailbox.

Christmas workshops

Every afternoon in December children can make beautiful decorations or ornaments at Dominican Square next to the Christkind Post Office.