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Advent and Christmas in Brno are different this year. The main thing hasn’t changed, though: their wonderful atmosphere!

Take a tour of the city with all its Christmas decorations, lights, beautiful architecture, and tasty cuisine, and even take in a bit of culture.

At náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square), you’ll find a Christmas tree in the same spot where the very first public Czech Christmas tree was placed back in 1924. This year, it’s a 13-metre silver fir brought from the woods of nearby Bílovice nad Svitavou by a team of horses. Just like every year, there’s a collection box from the Czech Red Cross under the tree where you donate to help pay for the rehabilitation stays of children the SOS Children’s Villages as well as seniors. There are a few stalls at the Freedom Square selling Christmas decorations, but the rest have unfortunately had to close.

At Dominikánské náměstí (Dominican Square), you can admire the famous life-size nativity scene sent to Brno by Czech woodcarver Jiri Halouzka – the second biggest of its kind in the world. Consisting of over a hundred of animals and characters, including Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it perfectly complements the beautiful backdrop of the New Town Hall and the Church of Saint Michal. You’ll also find the traditional letterbox where children can send their Christmas wishes to Baby Jesus.

Zelný trh (Vegetable Market), one of the most beautiful squares in Brno, has its own shimmering Christmas, making it even more romantic. There are a few stalls at the Vegetable Market selling Christmas decorations, but the rest have unfortunately had to close. And if the local fairy-tale merry-go-round is too busy, you can find another one right at the statue of Jobst. Make sure to visit the picturesque courtyard at the Old Town Hall and check out its giant carved Christmas star which was a favourite photopoint for so many visitors during last year’s Christmas markets. While you’re there, climb the Old Town Hall tower to experience the magic of Christmas in Brno from a new perspective. There are also two stalls at the courtyard at the Old Town Hall selling Christmas decorations,

All the amazing restaurants and bistros with their outdoor seating remain open to you, just check out Gourmet Brno to learn more about them. And make sure to visit some of the local galleries, museums, theatres, and other places with our BRNOPAS tourist card, loaded with lots of interesting benefits; get a discount on commented city tours (only in Czech) and even visit some of the city’s TOP destinations for free!

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