plakát Týdne města


Week of the city

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  • Brno

This festival is going to be from 11th to 19th of May 2019.

“The city is not a gray labyrinth full of noise and dust – the city is a diverse place full of people and opportunities …”

THE CITY WEEK of Brno wants to awaken the interest of the inhabitants in their city and the events around them. Brno Street will become a common space for sharing, meeting and entertainment in which you will be able to experience unexpected and unknown people.

The transformation of the ordinary streets and squares from the inhospitable gray kingdoms of cars to the colorful and lively realm of people’s activities is based on the voluntary and active participation of the population. We would like the square to become our second living room and the street where it is worthwhile to stop for a while.

During the City Week, we will be able to play on the streets, taste the strudel or muffin baked by our neighbor, watch theatrical performances, join the dancers and move the whole square, pull out the sofa in front of the house and with friends to enjoy the scenery of buildings and people… not only that, imagination does not put limits, so do not hesitate to speak with your ideas and get involved.

“We’re not worry about something is wrong. Instead, we offer a taste of what a living city could be for people. ”

Join us with your event or just come to enjoy the atmosphere.

When the event takes place

11.–19. may 2019

Entrance fee

Free of charge

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