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As a child, Garine, Armenian by birth, witnessed the Lebanese Civil War. As an adult, she tries to help children from crisis regions cope with their traumas so that they can integrate in Canadian society.

Psychotherapist Garine Papazian-Zohrabian knows the heaviest burden is not a horrible event itself but the resulting trauma. This is why she trains teachers at Canadian schools in working with traumatised children. In part due to her efforts, the schools become a place where refugee children with various life stories find understanding and a safe space in which to recover. Together with Garine, our guide through the film, we visit refugee camps as well as the Canadian gyms where she conducts her often emotionally charged lectures. In her reportage mosaic, Canadian director Hélène Magny documents not only painful stories but chiefly the moments of hope that working with children brings.

When the event takes place

31 march 2022 - 16:00

Entrance fee

Adults120 CZK
Students60 CZK
Seniors60 CZK

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Kino Art / Velký sál
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Kino Art / Velký sál

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