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Triple Life of Medieval Pottery

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  • Moravské zemské muzeum
    Zelný trh 8
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Triple life of medieval pottery – that is the title of the exhibition that hopefully will please those interested in history and all the visitors of the Moravian Museum after a long and sad lockdown period.

Earthenware belongs to the oldest evidences of human activity. But only after the use of fire these products became resistant and durable. In this way pottery came into being and has stayed an integral part of the everyday life till today. In the Middle Ages, pottery was an easily avalable and indispensable equipment in many fields of everyday life, especially in household. It was used mainly in the kitchen and on the table, but there were ceramic money boxes for small savings, lamps or even chamber pots.

Valuable information on details of everyday life, e. g. on clothing, is provided by small ceramic sculptures, probably children’s toys, gifts and souvenirs from pilgrimages. The consumption of common pottery dishes in households was enormous, that is why pottery frequently occurs in vaste pits of medieval towns. The exhibition offers a representative selection of pottery products in four royal towns – Brno, Jihlava, Pilsen and České Budějovice that have been well researched and mapped from archaeological point of view.

The exhibition features the evolution of medieval pottery in all stages of its “life with the people” , i. e. from its inception in a potter’s workshop through its use in household to the “afterlife” – laboratory and museum treatment of archaeological finds of pottery remains. A children’s workshop will enable the young visitors to try the work of a medieval potter as well as that of a modern archaeologist and museum restorer.

When the event takes place

19 may–3 october 2021

More information and contacts

Moravské zemské muzeum
Zelný trh 8
Brno 65937

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