Old City Prison (Bývalá Káznice na Cejlu)

Tours of the former prison in Cejl Street

  • 26. 1. 2p.m., 3p.m.
    23. 2. 2p.m., 3p.m.

  • Káznice na Cejlu
    Bratislavská 68

Former regional prison on Cejl, Brno is a unique building with history dating back to the 18th century. It has changed its purpose several times during its existence, so except for inmates it has concealed orphans, judges and police investigators behind its walls, too.

The darkest times are the WWII. and the 50s of 20th century, when political opponents of Nazism and communism were executed here. In near future it is meant to change its function radically and house artists, designers, architects and other creative people as a creative incubator. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the bleak atmosphere of authentically preserved premises before the reconstruction.

Duration of the tour: 60 min.
Route: Bratislavská Street, courtyard no. 3, former sweatshop, chapel, death cell, passage through courtyard no. 1 and back to courtyard no. 1.
Entrance: 68 Bratislavská Street



When the event takes place

26. january 2019
23. february 2019

Entrance fee

150 CZK

reduced fee 70 CZK


More information and contacts

Káznice na Cejlu
Bratislavská 68

+420 542 427 150

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