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  • Five dramaturgical themes

  • Bratislavská 68
    Brno 602 00

  • Revive the prison with us!

The former prison on Cejl is a place with an emotional history and many human lives unjustly cut short. But it is also a unique historical space that can inspire and have a positive impact on its surroundings and all of Brno. The prison is undergoing revival through new dramaturgy. The existing guided tour was supplemented by a new plan that intends to sensitively redefine and expand the place’s purpose. It’s a celebration of the fact that we live in a singular time that enables us to give the former orphanage and brutal prison a new meaning.

The new dramaturgy is based on five new themes that respect the history and particularities of the space while not being afraid to look to the future. We’re sure the prison will remember, transform, connect, inspire, and transcend. And mostly live!

What exactly does this mean? That it doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before, as you can return many times. A comprehensive programme is being prepared to fill the prison with life within the context of the basic themes. You can enjoy plays, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, seminars, or simply beer, wine, or coffee in an incomparable atmosphere. The programme will engage residents from nearby and the rest of Brno. The programme will entertain, educate, and remind us of a time we should never forget. Want to be a part of the programme? Don’t be afraid to contact us!