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Art Cinema (Kino Art)

The Other Side of Hope

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As Khaled, a young Syrian mechanic who has escaped Aleppo’s living nightmare finds his way into Helsinki by accidentally stowing himself away on a coal freighter, on the other side of the town, Wikström, a joyless travelling salesman, experiences a profound mid-life crisis. Under those circumstances, Khaled and Wikström who are desperately looking for a fresh start will eventually cross paths, when the latter after an endless night of high-stakes poker buys himself a decrepit restaurant and offers Khaled not only shelter but also work. In the end, no one can say whether the Syrian refugee has a future in the Finnish capital, what is undisputed though, is that he will find an eccentric but affectionate new family.

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26. november 2020 - 20:00

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Adultsfree of charge

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Projekce online

Projekce online

775 868 826

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