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Tea Bags on Eyelids

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  • Galerie TIC
    Radnická 4
    Brno 60200

Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková form a Polish-Slovakian art duo and are active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany (Berlin). They used to be focused on painting but in recent years they began working mainly with textiles. They design complex scenic settings and submerge created objects in ambient drone music. The sound accompanying the exhibition was composed by the musician Jan Tomáš. The objects represent metal constructions of assorted shapes that are weaved with yarn which the authors themselves dyed with various kinds of tea.

They do so by weaving or macramé, which are both techniques that are mostly regarded as half-forgotten crafts. This interest corresponds with the heightened interest of contemporary artists in materials and techniques such as textiles, ceramics, and glass, that have long been outside the center of attention. Either way, Julia and Barbora work with textiles without the overt retro nostalgia as tempting as it may be. They managed to find their own original concept of utilizing textiles in object production which reflects current socio-critical topics.

The site-specific installation in Galerie TIC smoothly builds upon previously adapted themes such as collective fatigue and exhaustion as a result of the dehumanizing conditions of neoliberalism and its constant pressure on performance and productivity. The authors’ interest is in this case focused rather on the consequences of this physical and mental strain, or more precisely on questions related to the release of built-up stress and tension, slowing down and relaxation.

When the event takes place

26 november 2021–12 february 2022

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Galerie TIC
Radnická 4
Brno 60200

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