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Streetfood PARTY vol.3 !!

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  • Venkovní akce restaurantu Kohout NA VÍNĚ sídlící v DOMĚ UMĚNÍ.

22. 8. 2020 from 6 PM will start the biggest party at Kohout.

STREET food PÁRTY vol.3 !!

Yet another year has passed and We throw our favorite gastronomic event STREETFOOD PARTY again, this time vol. 3 !!

Our chefs present interesting streetfood dishes, now in combination with czech cuisine..

You can look forward to, for example, fresh squids, swordfish steak, unconventional combination of tacos and beef heart or even such a classic as fried cheese..

Our guest and gastro-mate is Večerka, which served for you their amazing Vietnamese cuisine!

Three wine bars with Moravian and foreign wines, will offer you still and also sparkling ones..

And the party will be completed by music that will make you dance..

Mineral water Krondorf and local beer from brewery Moravia will be also available..

and our Luke will mix for you the coctails…

When the event takes place

22.–23. august 2020 - 18:00–01:00

Entrance fee

základ (neomezená konzumace jídla, vína, piva, nealko nápojů) 1.790,- / osoba VIP (základ + vybrané destiláty a míchané drinky) 2.390,- / osoba

Adults1790 CZK
Adults2390 CZK

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Kohout NA VÍNĚ

Venkovní akce restaurantu Kohout NA VÍNĚ sídlící v DOMĚ UMĚNÍ.

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